Japan’s National Election with Vocaloid

Upper house election finished tonight 20:00 Sunday, July 21. This time, the use of the Internet was allowed first time in history. So far, there are no prominent Internet using candidate reported though.

Another small difference which some people noticed this time is the usage of Vocaloid, human-voice music synthesizer software which might be best known by its top virtual character Hatsune Miku.

One candidate of Democratic party were tweeted by using Vocaloid to blast his name around Tokyo.

“There is someone using vocaloid for election voice. In Omote-Sando.”

It was retweeted by some including Takafumi Horie. Tweets were more or less favorable to the idea itself, like saying that Vocaloid’s voices might be popular for young generation, but most people carefully avoid mentioning the candidate’s name and his political party.

I tried to seek if anyone took the video and uploaded, but found nothing.

This communist candidate in Hokkaido also used Vocaloid to speech on election van. Speech by Vocaloid starts at 00:09.

Prime Minister Hatoyama Overtakes Japanese Twitter Top Position From Gachapin

Japan’s prime minister Yukio Hatoyama (@hatoyamayukio [J]) has finally gotten more twitter followers than the former top user Gachapin (Wikipedia. @gachapinblog [J]), a five years old dinosaur child.


Incidentally, there was a battle for overall top position happend yesterday between Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher. Number of their followers are little bit less than 5 million, whilst Japan’s top is battled around 630,000.

Gachapin was one of Japanese recommended users, who are not pushed to newcomers anymore. Hatoyama’s getting followers is, of course, comes from his popularity by being a government leader. Both have not mentioned on this race.

The President Of Japan Liberal Democratic Party(LDP) Begins Twitter

Sadakazu Tanigaki (official site) [J], the president of Liberal Democratic Party(LDP), which is a political party who had dominated Japanese politics for half an century since the mid-1950s and got debacle at last national election against Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), started Twitter (@Tanigaki_S), with taking back his former remarks that he would never use Twitter in January. [J]

So far, he tweeted 12 messages in four days, most of which are long, close to 140 limit, with no replies(@). He quickly got about 30,000 followers but only follows 44, most of them are LDP represents.

But one tweet [J] is to thank to suggestions to follow his opponent DPJ’s head prime minister Yukio Hatoyama (@hatoyamayukio, and he followed Hatoyama’s account. @hatoyamayukio has about 540,000 followers, which is ranked 2nd in Japanese only behind everyone’s hero @Gachapin.

As we reported on the beginning of this year, LDP’s head, Japan’s prime minister has been tweeting for 4 months now. We may see tweet-to-tweet debates between two big party leaders soon.