Japanese Government Tries To Distribute Fake Pirated TV Drama Over P2P File Sharing Networks

Jpaan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC) on January 20 released [J] that they are running an experiment to distribute files which name look like pirated TV drama videos from January 23 to 29.

The fake drama videos will be distributed at least on two popular Japanese peer-to-peer file sharing tools/networks, Winny and Share.

The contents of the drama-named file [J, pdf], if you download and open, to show caution that both upload and download pirated files are illegal.

# Download was illegalized since 2010 in Japan

The experiment traces if those people who see the caution will be enlightened and stop file sharing on Winny/Share.

The caution text is with signatures by following organizations;

The Association of Copyright for Computer Software(ACCS)
Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC)
Japan and International Motion Picture Copyright Association, Inc.(JIMCA)
Recording Industry Association of Japan(RIAJ)
The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan(NAB)

[Update] NHK reported this [J] on the evening news nationwide. NHK told that the total number of Winny and Share users is about 150,000 per day. Japanese torrent users are 240,000 on the peak day.

via Internet Watch [J]

First Arrest by Perfect Dark, the Latest P2P Client

Different language, different application. That is not an exclusive phenomenon for web services like Facebook against Japanese big 3. The most popular P2P file sharing software on Japanese web is not BitTorrent.

First, it was western WinMX follower Winny. When Winny network caused chaos on society by virus (which uploaded private and enterprise files under Windows’ “My Documents” from companies and government organizations) and arrests.

The development of Winny was stopped, and P2P users migrated to Share. After some allegations by uploading copyrighted movies on Share, Perfect Dark, which began at end of 2006 and boasts its higher anonymity, has been taking the position of the former two.

screenshot by a blogger shinn_asuka_impulse

On January 27th, the first person who distributed copyrighted animation films over Perfect Dark network was arrested in Saitama prefecture. [J]

From the beginning of this year 2010, downloading illegal contents became crime by revised copyright law. Until 2009, only uploading side was illegal. However, this accusation is not by this extended download, but by upload.

Japanese P2P Filesharing Network Being Attacked From Cloud

As same as other fields, for point-to-point(P2P) file sharing, there are Japanese counterpart of Kazaa/Limewire/Torrent. Once it was Winny, but after the developer of Winny was prosecuted for making a file sharing application which possibly leads copyrighted material distribution and the development ceased, the open source successor Share took the position of the most popular file sharing platform for Japanese speakers.

Today, on the gigantic bulletin board 2-channel(2chan)’s “Download Ita” [J] (download board), many reports by Share users are observed, their Share process had been accessed more than 20 requests simultaneously from servers on Amazon EC2 cloud, resulted in the process freeze.


someone’s Share’s screenshot (via 2ch)

On 2 channel, it is said that this flood of access paralyses Share network, many Share clients likely went down.

There are a lot of discussion threads are up on several different boards on 2chan (it is hard to keep those URLs, as 2ch thread stops after 1000 messages and then stored into archive servers, you have to seek the next thread manually), and users are sharing info such like blocking Amazon EC2 IP addresses, applying anti SYN-floot patch, etc. However, as not all file sharing users are computer experts, if this type of flooding access continues it is possible that the Share P2P network will be shrunk.

No attackers nor his/her intention remain unclear yet.

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