Not Only Tokyo – Twitter Japan Adds 6 More Japanese Cities On Trending Topics

Twitter added more choices of cities on its trending keywords in Japan on February 2. There were only all-Japan and Tokyo rankings before.

6 cities, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Sendai are the new ones.

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There are many bigger cities than Sendai, but most of them are satellite cities of the largest ones (Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba for Tokyo, Kobe for Osaka) so they were probably selected to make geographic balance. Hiroshima, which has slightly more population than Sendai, could have been chosen though.

I am unsure if different cities will make much difference on trends. We will report if there are anything interesting observed.

Cyndi Lauper To Sing For Japan Earthquake Relief Tonight Online

Cyndi Lauper, a big name American pop singer, who has been touring Japan since March 15th for concerts in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka, is giving suffered Japan a big online present – live concert [J].

Backed by a Japanese movie sharing service Nico Nico Douga, tonight’s her final concert in Japan will be aired from NHK Osaka Hall on Nico Nico Namahousou [J] (Namahousou = live stream) from 19:00. It is for free, whilst the concert tickets cost 9,500-11,500 yen(US$117-142).

[Update] You may watch the live on the tour official site without Nico Nico account. The number of watchers already passed 30,000 after the first few songs.

You will be able to enter the live at 18:50 from the event page on Nico Nico Namahousou [J]. From cellphone, you need to visit and go to “Nico Nama Mobile” corner. In iPhone case, Nico Nico Namahousou Appli [J] is needed.

And if you do not have Nico Nico Douga’s account, here is our article on registration and usage.

“By Cyndi’s strong will, we decided to broadcast the ‘Cyndy Lauper Memphis Blues Japan Tour 2011 Osaka Final’ for Japanese people whom she loves!”

The message on the tour site

Under the situation many people fled from Tohoku, Tokyo and even from Japan, Cyndi Lauper, who just arrived Japan after the quake on the same day, decided to run the tour including three days in unsettled Tokyo. When even most Japanese artists canceled their concerts around the nation [J]. She called fundraise for the quake victims at venue by herself.

[Update 22:30] The concert was watched by over 120,000 people at peak.

It was good number as the live stream was just announced few hours before that.

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Unidentified “Floating” Objects Are Introduced In Osaka This Summer

Logo of NTT Facilities

In commemorating the series of water-oriented events which are now underway in Osaka, NTT Facilities, a property management company of NTT Group, developed two solar-powered and UFO-shaped water purifiers, which are to be installed in Dotonbori[Wikipedia]-canal running through the center of the city, and in a moat around the Osaka Castle.

That machine is a spin-off of the company’s under-developing new business of constructing large-sized solar power plants.   It has a capacity of purifying 9,000 lit. (approx. 2,370 gal.) a day, and the purified water is fountained from the top of the machine in order to keep its surface clean and to keep solar panels cool to maintain energy conversion efficiency.

Solar UFO Pictures

Via the Asahi Shimbun[J]

Two Osaka Start-ups Bring Crime Prevention Apps To iPhone And Android Handsets

Feedtailor's Logo C-LIS' Logo

On Wednesday, Osaka-based start-up and iPhone developer Feedtailor[J] introduced a new iPhone app (clicking this link will launch iTunes), which allows you to see a map of street crimes in Osaka for the purpose of raising people’s attention and preventing further possible crimes.

Crime Prevention App for iPhone

Feedtailor’s partner and Osaka-based tech start-up C-LIS[J] also released on Monday its Android app[J] having the same features.

Crime Prevention App for Android

Based on information collected from the local city police, the Osaka Prefectural Police Deparment[J] transmits e-mail alerts to local citizens for crime prevention. By mashing the text alerts with Google Maps, the two cellphone app inventors have succeeded in making it possible to see crimes on the map at a glance.

Japan’s police system is operated by each prefectural government. As for regions other than Osaka, some prefectural police have a different ways to transmit alerts to the local citizens, but others have none. If the national police agency had defined a protocol to transmit alerts and brought the prefectural police nationwide online, we would be able to see crime information for all of Japan.

Osaka is known for its high crime rate, and this must be one of the triggers that the two apps were born in that region.

(Proofread by: Sean O’Hagan)

Osaka-based Tech Start-up Launches A “Meddlesome” SNS

Logo of Qript

The Osaka-based tech start-up Qript Inc. launched Friday its eccentric SNS called “Tsutsunuke [J]“, which has several features to avoid its user’s long silence to the service.


Note:  “Tsutsunuke” means a situation where the thin wall deprives you of any privacy, and you can hear the tone of your neighbor’s voice in a typical type of wooden lodges which were built here in Japan several decades ago.   But such an environment makes you easier to get on well with your neighbors if you live there, and the lodge matron is usually meddlesome.   It’s a typical way for university students living apart from their parents, and such a scene reminds Japanese of nostalgia.

“Tsutsunuke” is the SNS of a certain lodge fictionally locating in Osaka, and the matron takes care of you instead of questioning by the system.   She is fictionally 58 years old, wearing a leopard-printed jacket and speaking in Japan’s western dialect of “Kansai-ben“.

Note:  Wearing a leopard-printed jacket and having hair with tight curls is considered as the fashion of typical middle-aged women living in that region.

When you complete user registration with the SNS, you will be a resident in the lodge and be able to make a note in your diary to be shown to the neighbors.   When you log on, she introduces the neighbors and make a reply to your diary post.   If your diary post is not interesting, she warns you and asks you to improve it.

It is a very human approach powered by the system to vitalize a social service.


The picture above is quoted from Tsutsunuke’s user sign-up process.