Fake Toilet Flushing Sound Keychain Meets Characters


Japanese women are known to feel ashamed even by their sound of peeing listened by other buddies. Portable noise maker Eco Hime (= ecological princess), which saves you when you are in the public bathroom accidentally does not have the built-in noise generator, are now visually improved as well with popular characters.

The characters are, Mickey and Minny, Winny the Poo, Stich, Tinkerbell, Cheshire Cat, Alien, Betty Boop, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Gachapin and Rody. It’s more fun to keep with youself.

These fake noise generator will refrain Japanese ladies from spending averagely 1-2 times of extra flush each time, which becomes 2,000-4,000 litres (500-1,000 gallons) in one month, as they say.

All Earphone Bon-Dance Party Held For Noise Abatement

According to an Aichi regional newspaper Chunichi Shimbun [J], there was an interesting new attempt on Bon-Odori, traditional summer dance festival around Japan, to avoid future noise problem bothering neighbors.

15-20 minutes in their regular festival, 50 FM radio are lent to bon dancers, who are attending locals, and they dance with music from their earphones. The festival space keeps silent.

typical Bon Odori (not silent one)

The festival space is planned to move to other in 2015, where hospital locates near by. And this trial is to see if this radio-driven silent bon festival can be an answer for noise issue, as the organizer said.

The city, Tokai-shi, Aichi prefecture is suburb of Nagoya, Japan’s 4th biggest city. I do not know if there are many such people getting mad at bon festival music, but in the crowded country, some people are sensitive not to generate noise. Like talking over cellphone is banned at many train lines, which encouraged mobile web growth. (Though daily urban life in Japan is surrounded a lot of public announcements)