Yahoo! Japan and Family-mart Gives 50K Free Coffee For Search

Japan’s Web Behemoth Yahoo! Japan and one of three major convenience chain-store Family Mart jointly starts free coffee campaign [J] today.


Anyone searching “Famima Coffee” (Famima is an official abbreviation of Family-mart in Japanese) on Yahoo! Japan’s iOS or Android app would get a free coupon of Family-mart coffee, size S which usually costs 100 yen.

The campaign lasts by March 7th, or the first 500,000 cups. “Famima Donatsu(=donuts)” search also gives you a chance to win free donuts for 5,000 people per day.

Play Game On Spreadsheet! Japanese Coffee-Soda Promotion

Japan’s beverage vendor Suntory’s new promotion site [J] for its carbonated coffee drink Espressoda [J] is an action game on web browser, which you can play at office, as the game looks like your are working on spreadsheets.

Horizontal scrolling game with jump and obstacles, such like Super Mario, is built on financial tables and charts on Microsoft Excel-like pages.

After a teaser screen, Excel-like menu and grids are displayed. Clicking the bottom tab “Game” takes you to the game page.

Press “Start” then a small comic man appeared and the tables and charts are going to be scrolled. You need to let him jump by the left-mouse click.

When you take a bottle of Espressoda in the game, or enter the product code on the Espressoda’s bottle, your man will be able to do double-jumps, jump during a jump, which may make your play better.

When you fail, it asks you if you would like to tell your score to your Twitter or Facebook friends, then you can get a right to continue the game from the point you failed. Now Japanese Twitter have those players’ reporting tweets [J].

Of course, annoying character on the bottom-right on the screen is imitated.

via Hatena Bookmark [J]

First “Continued To The Twitter” TV Ad In Japan

“Tsuduki ha Web de”(続きはウェブで, continued to the web) is an internet era’s Japanese phrase used so often on television commercial films (“CM” in Japanese) nowadays. Many commercial ends with a search box image and narration tells this “continued to the web”, to expect watchers to search their brand or catch phrase on their PC.

This month, Coca Cola Japan [J] starts new TV commercial ends with “Tsuduki ha Twitter de” for its canned coffee brand “Georgia” [J]. You may see it on the end of this 15 seconds commercial [J].

The suggested search phrase “Hon’nouji ha hen” takes you to the campaign site both via Yahoo! Japan and Google. Well, this type of campaign depends on search results, but at least advertiser buys the first positioned ad.

The campaign itself is a Si-Fi novel based on 16th century history, and there are 8 characters tweeting their part to make up the story.

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