Twitter Japan Teasing Special Mobile Site For Japanese Cellphone


Twitter Japan’s official twitter account tweeted to give an URL under their official twitter navigation site


It looks like that this teaser page is for newly coming Japanese cellphone compliant mobile website for 3 major carriers, NTT Docomo, KDDI au and Softbank Mobile. Months ago Twitter Japan announced that they would develop a special version which handles Japanese cellphone web dialect properly, which is currently covered by third-party mashup service like MovaTwitter and Movatter, in this autumn.

The generic mobile site is pretty unpopular here.

The text on the page, “1x.10.09” can be read in several ways, if in North America, November 10th. If Europe, October 1xth, which is very soon. In Japanese style, it means October 9th 201x.

So if the teaser designer correctly understands Japan market, mobile version development might be slipped more than a year… If not, that means the next month release at latest, but then we may see another localization problems on it.

[Update 2009-10-10]

Hatena Bookmarker id:yowa dived into the Flash file and found the hidden number is “5”. So “15.10.09” is likely in European style, means October 15th 2009, when “Tweetup Tokyo 09 Fall” [J] will be held with welcoming a big guest from USA, Biz Stone. The event registration was closed. Asiajin sends staff there.

[Update 2009-10-15]

The hidden letter was now shown. It is 15.10.09 and likely to go out today.


Japanese Cellphone Manual Goes In Manga Comic

photo by Doc Sleeve
photo by Doc Sleeve

Different from other countries where cartoon are mostly for kids, in Japan, manga (Japanese style comic) nation, many grown-up keep reading manga through their lives and eventually almost all kind of things, which are covered in type texts books in other culture, are provided in manga. (for example, last Manga I read was a biograph of 18th century Russian Empress Ekaterina II Alekseevna, based on French author Henri Troyat‘s novel)

Keitai Komikku, digital manga/comic scanned from original paper manga, cut and sometimes even with sound effect added, is also a rapid growing sector of cellphone contents in Japan. E-book is more popular in manga style and earning extra money from mobile users.

KDDI au, Japan’s 2nd largest cellphone carrier, started to provide pre-set online manga manual on their new cellphone, model-Iida PLY. This manga manual (example below) will be shipped with succeeding cellphones by KDDI au.


The manga manual explains how to save battery, how to use water-proof cellphone, etc.

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KDDI au Press Release [J]

iPhone 3GS Keeps No.1 In Japan On Its 2nd Week

This is a follow-up article on the news of iPhone sales in Japan.

BCN weekly ranking [J] is updated and now we are seeing a weekly ranking for June 29th to July 5th.

BCN Japan cellphone sales ranking 2009-07-07
BCN Japan cellphone sales ranking 2009-07-07

The newly introduced iPhone 3GS 32GB stays at the top position, whilst the 16GB loses No.2 position taken back by Sharp SH-06A.

Although over 100 types of new cellphones are sold in year in Japan, luckily for Apple/Softbank there were only two new other Softbank cellphones [J] released during the week, Sharp 935SH (ranked No.82) and Panasonic 931P (No.99). If they can keep this high rank more and more weeks, iPhone will be the real No.1 cellphone in Japan this year.

The next week, iPhone 3GS will face off against another smartphone, DoCoMo’s first Android phone HTC HT-03A [J] on July 10th, which I personally don’t think making huge success, again by not supporting Japanese standard functions.

This is DoCoMo’s “quick spec table” which shows customers what features the cellphone support. The red ones are supported.

DoCoMo Android HT-03A spec sheet
DoCoMo Android HT-03A spec sheet

You can compare it with DoCoMo’s other latest cellphones from this listing page [J]. All are in Japanese but click any cellphone images give you the same spec chart with a lot more red in each page.

Masayoshi Son Retrospects A Meeting With Steve Jobs About Cellphone iPod Idea

At the iPhone 3GS launch event in Omotesando, Tokyo, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son told a story about when he talked an idea of combining iPod and cellphone to Steve Jobs.

According to Son, he had a meeting with jobs in 4,5 years ago, which is before he bought the Japan’s third biggest cellphone company from Vodafone. There he told Jobs about his intention either to establish or buy cellphone company in Japan, and asked if Apple could make a new device which combines their popular music player iPod and cellphone. Jobs answered to Son that he actually had been thinking the same idea.

He also announced that the nation’s superstar group SMAP is cast as their Softbank Mobile’s brand character, stepping into Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt‘s shoes.

via iPhone 3G Wiki blog [J]

Japanese Government Proposes Pandemic Tracking System By Cellphone GPS


Japan’s Ministry of Affairs and Communications (MIC) calls several projects starting in 2009 as part of the ICT Standard Development Project.

Among the three big categories [J], one of the 11 themes in the “Cyber District” operation is “Cellular phone Lifelog”, which targets to draw up the rules for time-space data utilization.

In particular, as proving tests, it is suggested to utilize cellular phone GPS data for pandemic prevention.

According to, which reports more detail than MIC’s release, this experiment involves around 2,000 cellphone users both in urban and rural towns. All monitors’ location are recorded in database with time information, then, by assuming one of them gets infected with disease, the system is supposed to track down the possible encounters on the same train and bus, then send an e-mail alert to those suspects’ cellphone.