Agile Media Network raises $1M


Agile Media Network raised a $1M investment from Ant Capital Partners on March 31st. They use the investment to develop new software systems.

Agile Media Network is a Japanese ad-network / blog marketing company for blogs and social media which was established in February 2007. They sell ads of many Japanese top blogs such as Netafull.

They expect first monthly profit in March 2009.

Disclosure: Motohiko Tokuriki, CEO of Agile Media Network, is an advisor of Asiajin.

via Venture View [JP]


Gang Lu, a director of Netvibes Asia, launched a blog aggregation site called OpenWeb.Asia. And we are a proud member of the network.

“The OpenWeb.Asia Workgroup is a network of premium blogs focus on Asian Web industry.”

OpenWeb.Asia provides an OPML file which can be easily imported to feed readers to subscribe the feeds of all blogs.

A half year ago when we launched Asiajin, English blogs on Asian Web industries were quite rare and not connected to each other. Also we are not receiving much attention.

Now the situation has been changed. OpenWeb.Asia will work as a portal site for everyone looking for latest information of Asian Web industry. Now we are not alone:)