Agile Media Network raises $1M

Agile Media Network raised a $1M investment from Ant Capital Partners on March 31st. They use the investment to develop new software systems. Agile Media Network is a Japanese ad-network / blog marketing company for blogs and social media which was established in February 2007. They sell ads of many Japanese top blogs such as… Continue reading Agile Media Network raises $1M

Summary of Gree’s financial statements

Yoshikazu Tanaka founded Gree (JP) in 2004. At first, Gree‘s SNS services were aimed at PC users, but Mixi had greater success in the PC market. So, Gree partnered with mobile phone operator KDDI in November 2006, and entered the mobile market. KDDI holds 7.58 percent of Gree’s shares. Now, 99% of Gree’s 8.3 billion monthly page… Continue reading Summary of Gree’s financial statements