Bandai Namco Hijacks Ad Space At Akihabara Station

Bandai Namco Games Inc. [J] has announced that they are developing advertising of their social game for Mobage Idol Master Cinerella Girls [J] at the JR Akihabara station and the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara station.

This time they are posting advertisements from this title in many places at once, and they’re “Hijacking the advertising space in Akihabara station.”  Starting August 1st they are posting the advertisements in the station, and advertisements featuring characters from the game will be posted in many places between August 6th and 19th




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[TGS2011] BDNA Officially Presented

Today took place the official presentation of the new social games company BDNA, a joint venture between Bandai Namco (75%) and DeNA (25%). As they announced in the previous report, the capital of the company will be 100M yen (1.3M$), starting operations next October 1st.

Shin Unozawa, COO & Vice President of Bandai Namco Holdings, will be the CEO of the new company. BDNA will be a consolidated subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings.

Isao Moriyasu, DeNA CEO (left), and Shin Unozawa (right) made the announcement. The name from the new company, BDNA, came from the acronyms of Bandai (BD), Namco (NA) and DeNA (DNA).

They shown the new logo as well:

Bandai Namco has the contents and the users, but they don’t have the operational know-how for monetize them as DeNA/Mobage has. DeNA’s objective is going global: they are expecting social games will reach soon the same quality as arcades and consumer games, so more and more people will use them.

Bandai Namco and DeNA collaborated before for developing Gundam Royale, a huge success with more than 3M users. Inside BDNA they plan to develop games from Macross series, Gundam series and Tamagotchi series.


Pacman Twitter Client Pac’n Twit

Pac’n Twit for iPhone/iPad is a new free Twitter client by Bandai Namco, yes, the company made Pacman 31 years ago (Namco merged with Bandai in 2005).

Here is a screenshot of Twitter timeline,

It comes with Pac man themed design, has regular Twitter client features, tweet, reply, direct message, retweet, list, search, notification, post image.

Bandai Namco had already released i-Appli version of Pac’n Twit [J] for Docomo’s Japanese feature phone.

On settings, you can change themes from Pacman to Galaga’88, which is a special contents only for iPhone/iPad version.

Both i-Appli version and iPhone/iPad version are free. Although it says to support Japanese, English and French, it seems not available on US iTunes App Stores at now. Official Twitter account @pacntwit tweets only in Japanese, too.