How to recover WordPress posts from NewsBlur

This post is not related with Asia/Japan IT news.

When I noticed that there were no latest backups kept on any cloud services by combined mistakes, Asiajin’s past articles since January 2014 seemed to be lost for good. My RSS reader might keep the latest 10 or so, but I was not so eager to take time for them.

When suggested to salvage form Newsblur, I did not know that service. The service keeping all past copies of the feed (Asiajin offers full RSS feed for readers’ convenience) does not sound good, if I become to know it in regular time. Letting readers know about Japanese IT news is more important for us than earning page views, though.

Anyway, the site offers API, and I found a good tool to export the data from there. Then, I needed to convert the exported data (in JSON style) to our using self-hosted WordPress.

I wrote a script to do that, and it worked and the lost 40 posts are now back on the blog. This is not really generic tool, but for someone who might see the similar troubles in future, I decided to make it public on GitHub.


Lost articles are back

We had lost recent articles, but luckily could salvage most of the once-lost-ones from an RSS reader service.

There could be some glitches on the posts from January 2014 to September 2015. Your feedback would fix them.

Thanks for the tip @LonelyBob !

As you notice, Asiajin activities have been pretty low these years. There were some other good English blogs opened to cover Japanese IT industry news, so the demand for Asiajin is not high if comparing with when we started in 2007.

I will post if I find an interesting news, but it won’t be frequent. If anyone wants to join and make Asiajin active again, you are very welcome.

Asiajin Seoul meet up on October 16th

We proudly announce that the first Asiajin meetup in Seoul will be held on 16th, October (Saturday). Asiajin co-founder, Shunichi Arai, will visit the city and talk about the situation of the Japanese web and startup industry.

This will be a great opportunity to meet new friends, and learn about the differences between Korean and Japanese web market.

Feel free to join us. Everyone is very welcomed.

Please register from this Eventbrite page.

* Date: 2010 October 16th (Saturday)
* Time: 16:00-18:00 (including Q&A session and networking)
* Topic: Current situation of Japanese web and startup industry.
* Language: English
* Fee: 10,000won
* Place: Mindoole yongto, Shinchon branch (민들레영토 신촌점)

Asiajin Android Reader App Debuts

Tokyo-based Android app developer ACL Inc.[J] has kindly developed the Android Reader App for us, it has been just released today on the Android Market.   Following MotherApp’s iPhone Reader App which was introduced at the beginning of this year, now we have our exclusive apps for both of the two major smartphone platforms.

We wish to thank ACL’s founder Yasushi Iizuka (@YasushiIizuka[J]) for his great work and cooperation.

The Asiajin Android reader app is absolutely free, and you can download it from the Android Market by simply clicking on the banner which is appeared on the right sidebar of our website.

Report Of Asiajin Shanghai Meetup

This is a report of Asiajin Shanghai Meetup which was held on July 24th. The meetup was held at Sunstyle showroom in Shanghai Sculpture Space. Thank you so much to Gang Lu and George Godula for securing a venue.

More than 20 people have gathered to the event on this very hot day in Shanghai.

Five people have talked about country situation and their startup experiences.

  • Situation of Japanese startups by Shunichi Arai (me)
  • Online collaborative drawing tool ‘Cacoo‘ by Shinsuke Tabata.
  • What’s happening in China by Gang Lu.
  • Social game ‘Happy Tower’ for Mixi platform by Yong Zhao.
  • His entrepreneur experiences and his new startup by Mike Cai.
Situation and recent trends of web startups in Japan @ Asiajin Shanghai meetup

I talked about the Japanese situations and trends, but I’ve quite surprised by that many attendees already know about Japanese Web industry quite well. So, we could do a very detailed discussion.

We have a few Chinese speakers to compare and discuss the industry between Japan and China. Gang Lu, the founder of OpenWebAsia workgroup, gave a great talk about Chinese Web industry. Unfortunately I was not good at time management, so we had not many time to discuss about that.

Yong Zhao is a long-time reader of Asiajin, and he has kindly invited me to his company called ‘Kingnet’.

Kingnet is a company providing social games to many platforms including Mixi platform. Their game called ‘Happy Tower’ is very successful in many platforms.