Japan’s #2 Carrier KDDI Pushing Ads On Android Notification Bar

KDDI, Japan’s second largest cellphone carrier is being blamed by users on Twitter [J] by displaying advertising on Android “as a system notification”.

Here is a sample screenshot informs from KDDI to you “Diet by an App”,

on the system notification.

The Android app to insert such ads on the Android system notification is an officially bundled “au one Market”, alternative Android Market powered by KDDI au (Google’s Android Market also exists on the phones).

According to @jn_mo, this was introduced at the app’s update 2 times before. After update, user will be explained 1. au one Market app stays resident even when you are not using the app, 2. notification space will be used to inform good deals to customers.

The agreement screen has a large “OK” button. Just above the button, there is a link saying “Click here if you do not like to see the ads”.

As some users pointed out, there is a similar service AirPush from US, which utilizes notification message for ads, which seems not welcomed by every user. This KDDI’s one could spread wider as it is by cellphone carrier with pre-installed, unable-to-remove, automatically updated app.

[Update 2012-01-30] Few days later, KDDI added a message on the app’s top linked to explain why ads are showed on the notification slot.

Only Engadget Japan and Slashdot Japan took this news listed on Google News Japanese.

New Paid Tweet Service Twad Launched By Japan #2 Internet Ads Agency Opt

What a bad timing!

Opt, Inc., one of Japan’s largest internet ads agency, Kazeniwa and Overtex launched a new advertising platform on influencers’ tweets, named Twad.jp (pronounced “Tsuado”) on May 24th.

On Twad, Twitter user (publisher) can register their region, categories s/he regularly tweets, etc. and how much yen they want for single tweet from 100 to 74025 yen (US$1.1 to $818, according to ITMedia [J]). Then joined advertisers send a request with ad messages and time frame to tweet them.

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