Bounen Kaigi 2008 report

Bounen Kaigi, annual year-end conference considering the record of the year, was held at Yahoo! Japan office again this year. This conference was sponsored by Yahoo! Japan and the event hosts were Gen Taguchi (blog: 100shiki[J]) and Daiya Hashimoto (blog: Jyoho Kogaku Passion for The Future[J]).


This conference consisted of the followings.

  • Noticeable Net Services in 2008
  • Guest’s topics
  • Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords
  • Hosts’ topics
  • Zentai Kaigi (everyone’s discussion)

Noticeable Net Services in 2008

This ranking is 10 noticeable net services which Taguchi/Hashimoto picked up from the list collected by their readers.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Evernote
  3. SPYSEE – Vertical search engine of influencers
  4. – Hub site for technical presentors
  5. Language exchange SNS Lang-8 – Multi-lingual social network service for learning foreign lanugages
  6. Auto Vocoder Box – Online vocal correction service for bad singers
  7. GYOROL – Mobile & PC fishing game
  8. rigureto – Miserable story sharing site
  9. – Last train time checking site in mobile
  10. Yaruo KenBunRoku – The record of 2ch character “Yaruo”‘s diverse challenges


These are not so popular in Japan now, but have a good chance to become big services. Top two services are  not from Japan, therefore this results will motivate Japanese start-ups to make more effort in 2009.

Guest’s topics

Guest was Keiya Mizuno. He is a writer of million-seller book “Yume wo kanaeru zou” ( means an elephant living out dreams). This book is so popular that it was made to TV drama and came to be the most  sold Japanese books in 2008, more than 1.7 million copies, Hashimoto said.



Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords

They explained about the trends on the internet in 2008, for example, comparision between mobile and pc user of mixi or analyzing the age brackets of  newly emerging community sites, pixiv, pu-pe girl and so on.

Hosts’ topics

The hosts, Taguchi/Hashimoto, made presentations about their 2008 and new plans for 2009.

» Taguchi’s Report of Bounen Kaigi 2008 //[J]

Zentai Kaigi(everyone’s discussion)

This may be most important session, the last was Zentai Kaigi. All participants were grouped up by 6 people and discussed.

Theme was “Thinking up the new big net service in 2009”. They must fill up the following paper.

Using (_______) problem from recession in 2009 as an underhanded way, you work out a new service (_______) for (______) people. This service has a great feature that (_______), so it has very high-level repeat rate. The name of this service is “(________)”.
In addition, the government admires this service and names the year from 2009 to 2015 after it, “(________) economy”.

The winner team’s idea is that NEET check the other house through some monitors in their houses. NEET are people who have no job including part-time and will increase in number because of the recession.


This conference will be also held in 2009. If you spend your year-end vacation in Japan, why don’t you join?

pixiv and Square-Enix are developing 3D CGM service

Square Enix and pixiv started the participation recruitment of “Party Castle“, a community site for creators, in illustration contribution site “pixiv” on 6th November. Square Enix is a leading game company. “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest” are their popular computer role-playing game series.

It is 3D community aimed at making the fantasy world by user and Square Enix jointly. They offer the software with which a user can make 3D character and we can make characters as if we drew illustrations.

They have already carried out the character design contest about the three world of the Party Castle from 6th October and are carrying out the second of the contest. They will invite top performers to the Square Enix main office on the end of the contest and they will play Party Castle before the launch.

pixiv, which is a place of the recruitment, increased the number of the users smoothly and grew up to the mega site of 300 million PV a month. They have proposed some tie-up plans so far and generated illustrator Kulturkreis.

In addition, They opened site “drawr” in which they could made a illustration and a letter by handwriting on a Web browser and show them.

However, they do not yet establish the business model. Mr.Katagiri, pixiv CEO, says that a tie-up plan is just a plan to have a user enjoy it. This tie-up plan with Square Enix may be sake to heap up the community.

They are examining the user charging system for business but there are few people who spend money on web service in Japan, so a big wall may stand in front of them.

Ugokuhito – a mobile access analysis service

Ugokuhito, an access analysis service for mobile website in Japan, has been released in August 2008. We can see many types of analysis tools for PC website, but there were few mobile-version tools especially free services. Almost all of Japanese mobile browser can’t read javascript so Ugokuhito uses HTML tags and this can analyze mobile-internet users’ logs.

Followings are analyzing results.

  • User information – age, sex, area, etc.
  • It estimates the ratio of visitors’ age, sex and area so we can find “Who visit the website.”

  • Device information – manufacturer, release date, display size, etc.
  • It shows the visitors’ mobile devices information. This means that website developers can modify their website in accordance with the data, for example we can find the best display size for our website.

  • Search words
  • It is what keyword the visitors typed in a serach engine to visit the website.

  • Footprint – access log
  • It lists up when, what device, from where visitors visited the website.

  • Time analyzing
  • It shows hourly accesses.

  • Career analyzing
  • It shows each mobile careers’ accesses.

user information - age and sex
cover ratio of display size
cover ratio of display size

Ugokuhito is a free service and it has a limition for use, maximum PV per day is 10,000, per month is 300,000.

UserLocal, who launched this Ugokuhito, is a company from Waseda University. They has also released Nakanohito, a analyzing service for PC website, which shows the visitors’ company name.

Google Japan starts Street View at last

Google Japan starts Google Map Street View in Japan.

Now the street view is available in some principal cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc. You know, using Street View we can see the 360-degree view of a place.
The following image is the view of Shibuya.

see street view

Almost all of related news refer to the problem of privacy. Google tries to solve this problem by defocusing human faces and car numbers. In addition Google lets users to report the wrong scenes, for example if we can specify an individual person, thus they can always check them.

According to the official blog of Google Earth / Maps team, they starts Street View in Australia at the same time.

By the way, Junya Kondo, Founder & CEO of Hatena, wrote that he found a friend (actually his wife she is) on the Street View. And in 2ch community, they are heating up for watching various scenes, for example the scene of a sweet couple of high school students.