I Love Maker

I Love Maker (English version) is a new Flash based generator for “I ♥ NY” style logo.

You can customize texts, texts-size and mark (heart or others).

For various users, different sizes are provided for typical cellularphone background image size (can be set by using QR Code), Mixi profile image size and three other sizes.

Satoru YANO, the creator, is known his series of web services, including Jimaku.in (English version subtitle.in), comments overlaying video community service (similar to Niconico Douga, slightly later appeared), and recently Yokoku.in, a mashup site which collects sentences including “kill” and related words from several BBS to report police, raising a huge controversy among Japanese internet users.

[Update 2008-08-09] They seem to make the English version of I-love-maker and that links to us!

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Akky Akimoto

@akky is one of the first Japanese pro-bloggers [J]. He also leads Asiajin, writes a tech column on The Japan Times, consults for some foreign companies interested in Japanese web market. (please inquire to akimoto on gmail.com).

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