Drecom rescued by Rakuten

Drecom announced that their board had decided business alliance with, and will raise 900 million yen shares to Rakuten, Japan’s top E-Commerce firm. Drecom, which is a blog system vendor for small and mid sized companies, also doing web services. Rakuten will be the second shareholder of Drecom with 20.02% stocks, following to the founder/CEO… Continue reading Drecom rescued by Rakuten

Rakuten/Matz are developping Web OS based on “Roma” and “Fairy”

via atmark IT At Rakuten Technology Conference 2007, Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, a Rakuten fellow who also designed Programming Language Ruby, told about their projects “Roma” and “Fairy” to let Rakuten have its own Distributed Processing System (Web OS) like Google, Yahoo and Amazon have. “Roma” is a on-memory distributed hash storage which “concept is similar… Continue reading Rakuten/Matz are developping Web OS based on “Roma” and “Fairy”