livedoor started “Geocities 2.0”

Japanese portal site livedoor announced today that they started a new free hosting service EDGE co. Lab. Developers/entrepreneurs can get hosted servers from livedoor and run their web service without charge. The conditions are; “Powered by EDGE” must be shown somewhere on the page livedoor OpenID and (if possible) livedoor Auth API need to be… Continue reading livedoor started “Geocities 2.0”

Mixi released its OpenID API

Mixi has released “mixi OpenID” API to public users. It enables developers to use mixi ID for authentication. Also the API has “my mixi authentication” and “community authentication” features. Developers must follows OpenID Authentication 2.0 standard. Also it enables mixi users to use their ID on many existing websites which accept OpenID. “my mixi” is… Continue reading Mixi released its OpenID API