Yahoo! Japan News Introduces Facebook Comment System

Japan’s largest news portal Yahoo! Japan’s Yahoo! News silently added Facebook comments on news pages, between Yahoo! Japan’s own comment system and Realtime-search results from Twitter. According to an article [J] on How-to Sharing site Nanapi by its CEO Kensuke Furukawa, Yahoo! Japan’s COO Kentaro Kawanabe, who were recently appointed, posted a test comment on… Continue reading Yahoo! Japan News Introduces Facebook Comment System

Ask Asiajin Authors

We have just switched to Disqus comment system from another comments service. So this post also serves as new comment system test. All registered users and Disqus users can write comments. Tentatively, now guest users can post comments, too. Please help our test by leaving any general questions, requests, suggestions, applauds, complaints, whining, etc. for… Continue reading Ask Asiajin Authors