Tokyo2point0: HTML 5, ONGMAP, Web Trendmap v3

On Tuesday, the monthly Tokyo2point0 event in Omotesandou/Tokyo was held for the 8th time. The venue was really packed. Andrew Shuttleworth (the organizer) told me he would love to see more people to RSVP before coming. Also, companies can contact Andrew directly for sponsorship to help the volunteers currently running the event. You can sign… Continue reading Tokyo2point0: HTML 5, ONGMAP, Web Trendmap v3

Toughbook: Japan’s favorite notebook

Q: What is the favorite notebook brand with Japanese developers? MacBook? maybe. Vaio? no. It’s Toughbook. Toughbook business laptops are marketed with ‘Let’s note’ brand in Japan. This ultra-light notebook has a surprisingly large share amongst Japanese developers. If you are looking for light (940g~1.5kg. 2lbs~3.3lbs), tough (water resistant) and long battery life (>6hours) notebook,… Continue reading Toughbook: Japan’s favorite notebook