Numbers of job openings in Japan by languages

Rank USA ( Japan (
#1 Java 66346 Java 4580
#2 C++ 42495 PHP 3163
#3 C# 32673 VB + VisualBasic 2748
#4 JavaScript 29491 Perl 1198
#5 Perl 24415 Flash 799
#6 VB + VisualBasic 20159 JavaScript 526
#7 Flash 16619 C++ 292
#8 PHP 10703 Ruby 110
#9 Python 5990 C# 101
#10 Ruby 3749 Python 26

* Numbers of job openings in USA and Japan were taken from indeed and Jobdirect, respectively. C language is omitted due to the technical difficulty.
Do you have any idea why C++ is popular in USA and PHP is popular in Japan?
* This article is reproduced from “yukoba no nikki” by Yu Kobayashi with permission.

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  1. A mere speculation:
    PHP, Java, WV, Perl, Flash, JavaScript, Ruby are all technologies for web site development. C++ isn’t!
    C++ is used for development of networking equipment and software… this may well be another indication of the differences between R&D in the US and Japan.

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