Takafumi Horie, ex-Livedoor CEO Released On Parole

Horie himself announced on his Twitter account on 10:08 a.m. today March 27 (Japan Standard Time).

According to the tweet, he was release around 7:40 a.m. The tweet has been retweeted over 5,000 times in 2 hours.
After the Livedoor gate, he totally left Livedoor and had been promoting his own name on Twitter and merumaga. Even after imprisonment, by using outsider assistants, he had been updating Twitter and the paid news letter from jail.

Takafumi Horie, the ex-Livedoor CEO was once the most successful and charismatic person in the Japanese Web scene, but lost everything when he was jailed for securities fraud. Then, while out on bail he began using Twitter and created a paid-merumaga. The Japan Times

[Update 2013-03-27]
Horie’s first dinner on parole seemed to be with his sworn friend, CyberAgent CEO Susumu Fujita, according to Fujita’s facebook public comment.
[Update 2013-03-28]
After Niconico livestream on the daytime, Horie had a press meeting in evening. Wall Street Journal reported what he talked. If you want to know all he said, you may read this scripts on Naver Matome by Google Translate.
Before he told that he never does IT-related business again and would do space business, but he now thinks doing he does not exclude IT businesses.

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