A 3D Character Girl Dances To The Music In “Charamin Omp”

SoftEther Corporation [J] and Tsukulus Co., Ltd. [J] have released Charamin Omp [J], software featuring a 3DCG character who dances together with music.  It runs on Windows XP/7/8 and 64 bit versions 7/8, and you can download it from their official site.
“Charamin Omp” is the successor to “MOOSTA OMP,” a 3D data and materials service opened by “moosta” in October of last year, whose service was terminated on January 31st.  It analyzes data from an MP3 file and can automatically make a 3D character dance.  As well as experimentally supporting PMD/PMX files used by the 3d movie creation software “MikuMikuDance,” it also features a screenshot function which can save the dancing character image as a PNG file.  Furthermore, it uses Komine Shiro [J], the officially recognized character of the Fukushima prefecture Shirakawa tourist product association, as the standard 3D character.  When you register as a user within the software, you can also download “Yumeno ☆ Akichi” data, which was used in “MOOSTA OMP” together with Komine Shiro.
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