LLVM Guide For Dummies, Or Kitsune-san

Japanese software e-book publishers Tatsujin Shuppankai [J] (Master’s Publishing Association – could not find if they have an official English name) published a book about LLVM compiler, “Kitsune-san demo Wakaru LLVM”(LLVM even fox-san can understand) by Motipizza [J].
Machine translation of the book description is here,

This is LLVM was born I think this document and I want to spread more LLVM two authors who touched the LLVM as a hobby.
LLVM has been considerable attention now, there is no official document such as the improvement of design changes or repeated API is why a coherent explanation has been made. It is fortunate that organized information by this document will be to enter into Japanese hands, and you can know the LLVM to many people.
In this document of that’ll let LLVM to deepen the understanding of the step-by-step explanation of how to make the compiler using LLVM has become a concept. I think it’s not including the contents useful for as many people as front-end (up to output intermediate representation), because it describes a wide range of middle-end (optimization), back-end (object creation).
Applications, but some parts of LLVM diverse, and have not been able to discuss this, summarizes the basic information for using LLVM as information for beginners. Learn about the LLVM again with reference to these, will take to the world of endless LLVM together.

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