Mail Order Service Nissen Releases “Kawaii♡Collection By Nissen”

Nissen Co., Ltd., one of the largest mail-order companies in Japan, has begun to offer  “Kawaii♡Collection by nissen” (Cute Collection), a nurturing game for Mobage where you grow your character while enjoying coordinating her fashion.
“Kawaii♡Collection by nissen” is a nurturing game where you build abilities as a fashion model such as “Coordination” and “Self Improvement Training,” win auditions, appear in fashion shows and aim to be the top model.  The fashion items used for outfits in the game use the same design as actual products sold by nissen, and it has the new initiative of allowing you to not only play the game but also purchase these products as they are.  Furthermore there are special privileges that allow the purchase of nissen products limited to game participants.
Translation authorized by VSMedia.

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