“Koi Games Scenario / Illustration Awards” For Romance Games

Voltage, Inc. [J] has announced that they will hold the “Koi (Passion) Game Scenario / Illustration Awards” [J] as a project with the aim of supporting the discovery of the next generation of new excellent scenario writers and illustrators.
As for ”Koi Games,” From 2006 Voltage began to offer romance simulation games for girls with an official site for cell phone carriers.  Already more than 50 titles are in distribution, and they are being played by over 6 million users in total.  Also currently social game versions for each platform are being offered, and in the North American market English versions have also been released.  “Koi Game Scenario / Illustraion Awards” is their first general public award, and one person will be awarded grand prize from the categories “Scenario Class” and “Illustration Class,” with three other winners for each class.  The concept is as follows:
Goal: Discovery and nurturing of excellent scenario writers / illustrators
Applicable Classes: ① Scenario Class ② Illustration Class
Grand Prize 1 Person Each (Award: 500,000 yen)
Excellence Award 3 People Each (Award: 100,000 yen)
Application Criteria: Regardless whether pro or amateur
Application Period: July 20th (Friday) – October 31st (Wednesday)
Result Announcement: Planned for beginning of December
Details here: http://www.voltage.co.jp/koigame-award/ [J]
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