Fukushima Resort Revival Supported By Social Game

Synphonie [J] is carrying out a customer transfer campaign through their social game “Boku No Restaurant 2” (My Restaurant 2) with Fukushima prefecture Iwaki city’s “Spa Resort Hawaiians,” [J] similarly to the movie “Hula Girl.”
“Spa Resort Hawaiians” is a resort established on a huge plot of land the size of about 6 Tokyo Domes, and after being used as a setting for the movie “Hula Girl,” it instantly became famous.  Synphonie, based on the idea that perhaps they too could support its revival through a social game, has established a promotional campaign which allows “Boku No Restaurant 2” users who visit Spa Resort Hawaiians to get a visitor’s limited food item through location based registration, thereby driving tourists to that location.  Furthermore they are selling Hawaiians avatars and event items, and part of the proceeds from these items will be donated for the restoration and revival of Fukushima’s Iwaki city from last year’s disaster.

Hula Girl memorial BOX (DVD) [J]

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