Yahoo! Japan’s Hosting Company First Server Suffering Massive Down – Possible Data Lost?

First Server, a subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan, has been having service troubles since around 17:30 June 20.
There are several web services observed to be down, who explained on temporary error pages that their services are down because of the hosting service’s glitch.
According to RBB Today [J], on the servers on 5 services, the uploaded data, configuration data and mail are reportedly lost. The company has been resuming mail data with the cleanly installed OS. The web data is unknown to be able to recovered at this point.
Yahoo! Japan owns two hosting companies, Yahoo! IDC and First Server. First Server joined to the Yahoo! Japan group in 2004 and now it is a 100% subsidiary.

Users screams on Twitter
[J] can be read on Twitter summary service Togetter.
Twitter’s long down early morning on 22 affected Twitter-loving Japan (Japanese version of apology [J], however, Twitter’s apology is being perceived as a “good apology” because of the First Server, though it is tough for them to compare hosting service for business and fun service.
[Update] Here is a list of the known companies websites seemed to be using the affected First Server’s servers, made by ICT Headline. [J]

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