Yahoo Japan Teams Up With Recipe Portal Cookpad

Yahoo Japan, the country’s biggest website with 1.6 billion page views per day, will enter a partnership with Cookpad, a popular recipe site, according to a report by business daily The Nikkei.
Much like Yahoo in the US, Yahoo Japan runs a number of vertical services under its portal: one of them, Yahoo Recipe, will be closed by the end of the year, The Nikkei says.
Under the agreement, the “recipe” link will lead to instead – even though it’s apparently not fixed yet when exactly that will happen. The Nikkei says that Yahoo Japan will also take over part of Cookpad’s ad sales and offer the Yahoo Japan Wallet payment system for paid users of the service (for about US$3.80, those members can bookmark more recipes, have better access to the site on mobile devices, etc.).
According to the report, Yahoo Japan Recipe draws 5 million users per month currently. But it seems the service, which is linked to from the Yahoo Japan homepage, wasn’t successful enough for big Y: Cookpad boasts three times that number currently.
Cookpad, as the first company of its kind, went IPO three years ago. The company was moved to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in December last year.
Cookpad’s strongest competitor is Rakuten Recipe, a service offered by e-commerce powerhouse Rakuten.

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