NHK Starts News Program Interacts With Twitter Messages By Watchers

In Japan, April is the start of school year, and many TV programs also begin this season. Japan’s public broadcasting network NHK began weekday midnight news program News Web 24 [J] works with the popular Internet service, Twitter.

# The 24 in “News Web 24” means 24 o’clock, means 00:00, which is often used in Japan to point hours after midnight when you think it belongs to the day before, especially on TV and bars/restaurants.
The 25 minutes news program on Monday to Friday features 5 commentators rising around Japanese web scene, like freelance journalist Daisuke Tsuda and writer Kenrou Hayamizu.
The program shows watchers’ feedback from hash-tagged tweets, overlay-ed. According to 2-channel, NHK watchers’ board, the first day’s show once displayed “Tweet on TV is disturbing” by @yanpscoop (image below).

Although net-savvies like 2-channel users chucked off this attempt as senior-citizen’s friend NHK playing down to younger watchers, their picking up this tweet is interesting and good. I can not think NHK is streaming all raw tweets with the hashtag, of course they must be manually filtering which tweets they put on.

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