Ameba Pico’s English Is Too Difficult

A Japanese user, who might be a big fan of CyberAgent’s popular virtual avatar world Ameba Pigg, asked a question [J] on Yahoo! Chiebukuro (=Yahoo! Answers in Japan) about his playing Ameba Pico, an English version of Ameba Pigg.

I’m playing Ameba Pico but totally lost as I can not understand the following English. Please translate this for me!

com.mongodb.DBPortPool$SemaphoresOut: Out of semaphores to get db connection

and everyone is saying “thx”. What does this mean? Please help me!

The first, the only and the best answer (as the person asked seemed to be satisfied with it) was,

Is this a single sentence?
The beginning “com.mon” should be “come on”, “godb” must be “good by” but then they do not connect well…
By the way, “thx” means “thanks”! Sometimes you type “thanx”! They pronounce “x” as “kusu”♪

via Yahoo! Chiebukuro [J]

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