Presentation: DeNA And GREE – A Perspective On Japanese Social Games Going Global

We have covered the Japanese social game industry to some extent on Asiajin over the last years, and I myself do so in more detail on my personal site.
In recent months, the two biggest companies in this space, DeNA and GREE, have invested hundreds of millions of US dollars in bringing the concept of mobile social games outside their home market, hoping to replicate the huge success they have seen in Japan in the US and elsewhere.
I recently gave a presentation on the chances of DeNA and GREE to make it outside Japan.
Please find it embedded below (direct link), and sound off in the comments if you agree with my personal perspective:


  1.  I have no doubt that the genre is/will be popular among a small group of hardcore fans, but I do doubt sims like that will make it as big abroad as they are in Japan.

  2. I’m really glad you put these thought down onto a presentation. It encapsulated everything I’ve been thinking about these JP game companies myself as well. History will tell but the odds are far against these companies being successful outside of Japan. Not only are these companies very young, with immature management, the acquisitions they have done are not going well (ask anyone in the US offices of these game companies.)

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