“E★EVERYSTAR” Surpasses 100 Creator Book Publications And 3 Million Electonic Book App DLs

DeNA [J] and its subsidiary company Everystar, who manage the novel and comic submission community “E★EVERYSTAR,” [J] have reached 100 volumes of creator works open to the public that have been published, and they have also announced that the total number of downloads of their read all you like electronic book application has eclipsed 3 million.
“E★EVERYSTAR” handles public viewing and production of creative works, currently with a base of one work per minute from its over 1 million users.  Users can enjoy the over 1.8 million publicly available works produced and released by creators.  So far, various works have undergone multifaceted development and been made into books and games, starting with “Ousama Game” (King Game), by this service.  The total number of printed copies of published works has been recorded at over 4.75 million.
Translation authorized by VSmedia

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