DeNA and Cygames Make Strategic Partnership

DeNA [J] and Cygames, [J] who develop Social Application Provider (SAP) projects, have agreed to undertake a strategic partnership for the development of domestic and overseas social game projects.
DeNA, who run the uber-popular Japanese social game platform “Mobage” (URL: with over 35 million members, are presently strengthening the development of overseas projects with their entire group.
Cygames develops and offers domestic social games for Mobage [J] such as “Sengoku SAGA” and “Shingeki Bhamut,” and particularly “Shingeki Bahamut” has become quite the popular title with a total of over 1 million registered members.  From this strategic partnership moving forward, Cygames will continue to offer several new titles for Mabage in Japan, and from March 1st DeNa will take part in the management of “Shingeki Bahamut” which has been developed and run by Cygames until now.  From here on they are planning to coordinate with DeNA’s own game titles.
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