GREE’s Popular Game CM Ring Tones Reach 1 Million Downloads

Dwango Mobile and GREE have announced that since the initial release of ring tones for all patterns (12 patterns, 15 songs) of the social game “Tanken Dorirando” (Exploration Dori-Land) on the specialized ring tone site, the total number of downloads has eclipsed 1 million.
“Dori-Land” is card social game where you advance by exploring through dungeons and wielding hunter cards.  The Dwango Mobile ring-tone specialist site offers a wide variety of tunes and ring tones for for feature phone and Android.  During the limited term until February 10th, GREE held the “Ring Tone Present Campaign,” in which it became possible for anyone to download Dori-Land ring tones for free from the site.  The songs provided are listed below.

Translation authorized by VSmedia

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