Google Rules Snail Mail Marketing In Japan

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Tsuhan Tsushin reported that Google Japan got Grand Prix at Japan Post’s Direct Mail Award [J], which is an annual contest choose the best from companies’ direct mail(DM) really sent. This year, 28 DM are awarded from 672 applicants, and the most valued DM from three points of view, strategy, creativity and effectiveness.
Google’s DM was named “Google open-business partner training program”, which was created by Dentsu Wonderman, of course a company from Japan’s largest advertising agency Dentsu, targeted Google’s Adwords agencies who had not sold much, helped them to acquire new clients on AdWords.
It is interesting if selling Google AdWords over direct mail was so successful, because Google Adwords itself must be the best ads to reach customers directly. But it is true that many Japanese companies were not attracted to purchase and manage internet advertising directly, rather stay with representatives like Dentsu.

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