CyberAgent Establishes Subsidiary Company For iPhone Camera App “My365”

CyberAgent [J] has announced that they will transfer their iPhone camera social network app “My365” over to Sirok, a subsidiary company they set up for developing smartphone applications.  From now on this new company will manage the service.
“My365” is an iPhone camera app that was released on October 26th of 2011.  Based on the concept of “When you look back at every casual day, lovely memories are made,” each day you store a photo of what you feel is an impressive moment  and upload it into your calendar.  By word of mouth, downloads have spread out to reach 300,000 at present.  Not only in Japan but also in Thai, Hong Kong and elsewhere it has ranked among the highest for free apps in the App Store photo category, and currently about 30% of access is from overseas users centered in the Asian continent.  This time Sirok, established as a subsidiary company, will take over as developing team for “My365” and continue to manage the service.  From here on they are plotting to expand “My365” functions and will proceed to develop an Android version.

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