You Can Get Real Fruit From Farming Game “Android AR-ARIDA”

Artifice-inc. [J] has released “Android AR-ARIDA,” [J] a mandarin orange plantation similation game that allows you to actually try out cultivating mikans (mandarin oranges).  Download is free.
“Android AR-ARIDA” is a genuine farm management game under the supervision of the town of Arida’s famous mikan farming families.  The equipment, fertilizer, tools, and method of care actually used by famers for cultivating mikans are perfectly recreated.  The player becomes a mikan farmer and joins up with “Ari Futo Kun,” Arida’s mascot character, and “Harisenbon,” Arida’s “mikan ambassador,” to cultivate Arida mikans.  If you improve the mikans’ quality you can get an online application ticket, and if you use that to subscribe online you can get an actual Arida mikan as a present.  Also using augmented reality, there is the feature which allows you every day to play 3D augmented reality capsule toys.
In addition, many functions are included, such as movie news and an electronic publication for reading Arida city’s real time information, a GPS compatible map which tells you Arida’s tourist and lodging spots, and so on.

Translation Authorized by VSmedia

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