Sorayume Offers New Social Game For Gree, Super-Bride Battle

Sorayume [J] has released the new social game for GREE “Chou Yome Taisen” (Super-Bride Battle).
“Super-Bride Battle” is a card battle type social game with many characters appearing from several popular game and anime works.  Going beyond the framework of their works, you use the various character and item cards to advance.  The character cards also have an avatar-ish component, and if you synthesize an item’s power with a card, its picture design including the costume and possessions will change.  The characters appearing are listed below.
“D.C. ~Da・Capo~”
“Otome Wa Oneesama Ni Koi Shiteru”
From now on this title is planned to be offered for Mobage and Mixi.

Translation authorized by VSMedia

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