Privacy: How To Get Postal Address From Amazon Wish List

Amazon’s wish list is a list of products that you can publish on Amazon and ask people to purchase and send, a kind of donation feature. You are expected to be anonymous and still receive gifts, for example blog readers.
On January 18, a Twitter user @mopetsune explained how you can extract anyone’s real address if you know the wish list ID, without being known by the list owner.
The procedure he explained rapidly frightened Japanese web users who had published their wish-lists. I can tell that Japanese are more sensitive on their postal address known.
It was not the first time to be pointed out. In September 2011 a blog tyoro.exe tested and confirmed that the rumor on the web you can get the address of the wish-list owner by ordering other item (=not from the wish-list) on your store Market Place. With this, you will know the receiver’s address but s/he will know you know.
This time’s one added a procedure of canceling the original item from wish-list. Even only with the remained item from your store,you still can get the wish-list owner’s address.
Amazon has a setting of not sending gift on wish-list from third-party Market-place stores. It is reasonable that your address notified to the seller when you turn it on. However, according to this @mopetsune, on the procedure above, your address could be taken even if the setting is off.
I do not know if this trick works on Amazon in other countries. If it is the same and you want to avoid it, easy way is to remove “Ship-to Address” from wish-list setting.
According to @bulkneets, a well-known security authority, Amazon Japan seemed to fix the hole partially.!/bulkneets/status/163163851121115136

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