Taito Releases Smartphone Social Spy Game Onto Chinese Market

Taito [J] has released the Android social game “特工大戦” (SPY WARS), for the smartphone “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community” through business partnership with GREE [J] and the Chinese internet portal Tencent.
“特工大戦” is the first segment of a social game in China for the “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community.”  It’s a Chinese language version of the popular social spy game offered in Japanese as “SPY WARS,” where players become an intelligence organization’s agent.  To save the world from a series of crises, they must join with partners to carry out various missions; to prevent conspiracies laid out by enemies, players order subordinate intelligence operatives, execute missions from their organization, and challenge foreign agents to battle in order to snatch their confidential information carried undercover.
Since Tencent and GREE’s business partnership in January of this year, they have been offering business support and localization as a collaborative development of each other’s platforms .
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