DeNA Baseball Team Officially Approved

In the morning today December 1, Nippon Professional Baseball(NPB)’s temporary executive committee approved it, then afternoon, owners meeting also approved the deal that the original owner of Yokohama Bay Stars TBS sells the team to DeNA, an IT company who runs a social game networking service Mobage, Sports Nippon reported [J].
NHK reported [J] that there was only one team against DeNA’s entering to the leagues in the morning committee, which is likely Rakuten, another web company.
[Update] DeNA’s release [J] and its English translation provided by DeNA,

DeNA Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Nippon Professional
Baseball Organization (NPB) today officially approved DeNA’s planned
acquisition of a 66.92% stake in Yokohama BayStars Baseball Club,
Inc., which owns Yokohama
BayStars professional baseball team. DeNA plans to make the
acquisition on December 2.

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