Pokelabo Releases “Baseball Buddies! Fierce Battle Pro Baseball Edition”

Pokelabo [J] has released “YakyuTomo! Gekitou Puro Yakyuu Hen” [J] (Baseball Buddies! Fierce Battle Pro Baseball Edition), the latest installment of their popular Mobage [J] feature phone social game “YakyuTomo” [J].
“YakyuTomo!” is a simulation game where the player becomes a baseball team a director and nurtures a fledgling team into veteran leaders on the world stage.  After its feature phone “Mobage” service release in April 2010, it has become a popular game that now boasts over 2 million registered users.
The latest release “YakyuTomo! Gekitou Puro Yakyuu Hen” features over 100 different individual pro baseball characters in an enjoyable game story.  With the ability to play other users in the pennant league and various game events, many new features not included in the previous release are installed.  From early November a smartphone version is also planned for release.
Game details here:
http://event.pokelabo.jp/yakyutomopro/ [J]
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