Hatoful Boyfriends – Virtual Dating Game With Pigeons

Hatoful Kareshi [J] (hato=dove, kareshi=boyfriend so it is a word play of “full of pigeons boyfriend” and “heartful boyfriend”) is a Japanese style text-and-image virtual school dating game for girls, except all of your school love-life targets are pigeons.

At the Saint Pigeonation School, a prestigious school but many pigeons are attending, At first you were confused by the classroom with full of pigeons’ eyes, but now in your second grade (Japanese high school is 3 years from 15 yo – 18 yo), you are getting used to a school life, enjoying peaceful days… right?
You feel an emotion you have never had while spending time together. Surprising softness of pigeons nose humps.
We deliver a heartwarming love story.
Story [J]

There are 5 studens and 2 teacher pigeons, yes, pigeons, in the game you will be able to go out.

For “novice players” who can not imagine love with pigeons, the developer offer “personified” pictures for each pigeons.
For example, this character, Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane, who has a French aristocrat-pigeon father,

looks like him if he was a human being.

The application works [J] both on Windows XP and MacOS X (Windows Vista/7 are not guaranteed but may work, the site says).
Even with free version, you may date with 7 pigeons. The 500 yen Hatoful Plus has an extra character, 12 more inside-game events, more endings and gallery feature.
Here is a playing report by a fun,

As a result of popularity(?), on October 28, making of Hatoful Boyfriends audio drama CD was announced [J]. The drama features many of notable male voice actors who played in Evangelion, Yu-gi-oh, Macross, etc.


  1. Well, I feel confident in saying that this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.  

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