Android Apps For Starbucks-phobia To Practice How To Order Coffee

In Japan, Starbucks Coffee, Subway Sandwich and Ramen Jiro are the shops which make many first visitors feel scared by their mystic words to order.
Custaba is a Japanese Android app on which you can simulate coffee ordering at Starbucks.

The generated order in the screenshot above is “Tall vanilla two-percent caramel source dark Mocha chip frappuccino” in Japanese notation.
The developer’s note says,

“It seems difficult to order at Starbucks coffee shop. I have no idea what to order in what way. If you make up your mind before visiting shops on this app, you will be able to buy in a fluid motion” [J]

Sutaba Kowaina (Afraid Of Starbucks) is another Android app

“This is an app to make you order coffee smoothly and precisely at Starbucks Coffee. Now you are not afraid of Starbucks any more!” [J]

Sutaba Kowaina developer says that he was inspired by a Japanese manga “Nichijou”(Daily Life) depicting a scene in a coffee shop. Here you can watch the Anime version of it with English subtitle.

You will see how some people are afraid of ordering with those magic Western words.
Custaba has been downloaded over 100,000 times. Sutaba Kowaina is over 5,000 downloads. Those people practiced how to order at Starbucks on them.
via Netolabo: Iced Double Tall Double Hazelnuts Extra Formy Latte

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