iPhone 4S Japan – Newcomer KDDI au Runs Even Fight Against Softbank

iPhone 4S
BCN Ranking announced the statistics of the first week sales of iPhone 4S in Japan. At this new version, the nation’s 3rd carrier Softbank Mobile‘s exclusive distribution since iPhone 3G ends, the 2nd largest carrier KDDI au enters to sell iPhone.
The ranking shows the two carriers’ iPhone 4S with three variations of memory-size, 64M/32M/16M, total 6 variations occupied the top 6.

BCN Ranking counted the carriers share only within iPhone 4S [J], Softbank took 51.7%, whilst KDDI au gained 48.3%.
BCN Ranking collected the number of sold units from shops, which it claims to cover 40% of Japanese retails. The retail shops do not include Apple Stores and carriers stores.

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