Saitoh-San – iPhone Chatroulette For All Whose Name are Saitoh

Saitoh-san(斉藤さん) by Yudo Inc. is a new iOS application which let any Mr. or Ms. Saitoh and Saitoh-fans connect over voice-chat and video chat.
# “-san” is a Japanese form of honorific title
If your surname is Saitoh, you may press “Saitoh-san is here” button and wait other’s call. If you want to chat with Saitoh, you press “talk with Saitoh-san”. Then the service matches two and they can talk for free.
Having a chat with any Saitoh-san will give you one stamp on a virtual card. You may collect more stamps by talking with more Saitoh-es, though the manual tells completing all slots will make nothing happend.

It itself sounds a bad joke application, however, according to ITMedia, this app is released as a test marketing of their system. Based on this app, Yudo is planning to develop industry-specific call-in applications such like “nurse-san”, “lawyer-san”, “pilgrim-san”, “cake shop-san”, “tax-accountant-san”, “bus tour guide-san”, etc.
If an user had installed such kind of applications, they may try to find an agent by it when they are outside and need help in hurry.
For your information, Saitoh is one of the most popular surname in Japan. Ranked in top 20 in several reseaches. Japanese has about 300,000 surnames, which is quite diverse when comparing with surnames in most other languages. There was even a parody song “Yokuaru Myouji Saitoh”(pretty common name Saitoh) based on “Play that funky music”, sang how common the surname is.
via ITMedia [J]

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