Konami Links Social Game And Arcade Machine

This is something I was expecting to read.
Konami has launched an arcade machine linked with one of its social games [JP]. The arcade game it’s called Baseball Heroes 2011 Shine Star [JP], and it’s complemented with the social game Professional Baseball Dream Nine (which have about 1 million users at GREE). There is no so much details about how the connection works, but probably it will be possible to get exclusive virtual items and other elements to exchange for cards and points. The integration will take place next October 12th.
I’m a passionate of arcade games; one of the main issues of this sector is how to innovate. Memory cards, card games, connection to the internet are some of the last iterations, for sure integration with social games is the next one. I hope other developers (like Sega or Bandai Namco) can continue on this way with some of their big hits.
Via: Serkan Toto

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