KDDI’s “Android au” Site Terminated, Not Telling Why But Likely By iPhone 5

KDDI’s Android handset promotion site “Android au” has been shut down today. The site shows a very short message “Android au site has finished.” in plain HTML, then visitors are redirected to KDDI au’s top page after 5 seconds.

The special page has been promoting KDDI’s Android handset with a popular boys group Arashi, with commercial films saying “Isn’t it non-sense to have a smartphone which is (often) out of service?” and “You may enjoy Flash site with Android”, which obviously pointed Softbank/iPhone. (Softbank has quite bad reputation on its connectivity in compare to the others.)
(official videos are removed, these fan re-posting video might be dismissed soon.)
KDDI announced their new model cellphones on 26th, and keeps “no comments” on their iPhone 5.
Their pushing Android was too much and some consumers even thought that Android is KDDI’s smartphone brand (Docomo smartphone users rather think they have “smartphone”). This is a big strategic anabasis.
[Update 2011-09-27] KDDI changed the plain message with a bit better image,

and now it is redirected to their new promotion site, where they remove “Android au” logo and old movies. The new site shows the new phrase “Mirai ha Eraberu”(You can select future). Interestingly, this catch seems to match their 1 year old former catch “Mirai he Ikunara Android wo Mate”(Wait Android if you go future).
KDDI au already introduced Windows Phone 7.5 (IS12T) and if iPhone 5 is coming, they needed to disband their Android-centric promotion caravan. But could not they switch the site at the same time without making all KDDI Android users worried?


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