Japanese Castle-town Building Game Shirotsuku Moves To Trading Cards

From August 2nd, Cave is beginning sales of “Shirotsuku Collection Card Shiro CA Part I” [J] (Shiro CA) as part of their castle town development social game “Shirostuku,” at Don Quijote, major family restaurants such as Gusto and 3F, and other major chains.
“Shiro CA,” coupled with “Shirotsuku” trading cards, contain a serial ID number.  By entering this ID number into the game, users are able to acquire limited rare items from within the game.  Among the cards are all 39 military officer type cards (with 6 secret card types included), with two cards in one pack.  With tax included the price is 315 yen.  From now the company plans to expand sales of “Shiro CA” cards.
Shirotsuku Official Fan Page [J]
Translation licensed by VSMedia [J]

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