Japanese Entrepreneurs: Get The Last Spot In The “Tofu Project” To Go To America

Are you a Japan-based entrepreneur interested in taking part in a 7-day design thinking and innovation boot camp that will take place in October in California? Then you should head over to the website of the so-called Tofu Project.
What is the Tofu Project about? Founded by Tokyo Mango blogger, tech writer and book author Lisa Katayama, the goal of the project is to bring a total of 10 young entrepreneurs from Japan together with great minds in the San Francisco Bay Area, arguably the tech hotspot in the world.
For one week, people like Dave McClure, Joi Ito, John Maeda, and the founders of Kiva will exchange ideas with those Japanese entrepreneurs on how to “to re-imagine the future of Japanese innovation” in order to make “quirky, weird” tech from Japan globally relevant (the initial program outline can be found here).
The leaders of the Tofu Project have chosen a total of 9 entrepreneurs from Japan to go to the US so far, but here’s the chance for everybody who is interested in the last spot: in cooperation with Japan’s biggest social network Mixi, the Tofu Project is running a special video contest to select a lucky winner.
You have time from July 22-July 24 (JST) to submit an application to the Tofu Project, explaining (in English) why you think you are eligible to take part in the program and what fresh idea you can think of (a team of judges from Mixi and the Tofu Project will decide on who won at the end of this month).
You can find more information on the “mixi x Tofu Project” contest here and here.
Here’s the official Tofu Project video:

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