DeNA(Mobage) Founder Tomoko Namba To Step Down CEO, COO Isao Moriyasu To Take Presidency

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DeNA has just announced [J] that the board had decided to replace the head of the company after planned ordinary general meeting of shareholders on June 25th.

[Update] DeNA issued English release, too. I did not need to translate them. Thank you for a comment, Tomo.

Tomoko Namba, who founded DeNA in March 1999 and led the company for over decade, is going to leave the president/CEO because of taking care of family member, but stays on the board.
COO Isao Moriyasu, who drove the DeNA’s primary business Mobage since its early stage, will be the president and social media division director. No “CEO” title is used on the release.
DeNA new president Isao Moriyasu

Moriyasu’s photo from DeNA’s recruiting page

Namba owns 14.84% of the company stocks, the head of shareholders. Moriyasu owns 347,739 stocks according to the release, which is about 0.2%.
They are also to change some executive titles, like moving up CFO to chairman, renaming CTO with the matched Japanese words(Saikoh Gijyutsu Sekininsha). As a result of them, all CXO titles will disappear from their executives.


  1. My name is Tomoyuki Akiyama and I work at DeNA’s PR department. We have also issued a press release in English regarding this matter:
    DeNA Announces New Executives and Corporate Structure
    – COO and GM of Social Media Isao Moriyasu to Become President, Founder Tomoko Namba to Stay Active on Board of Directors

      1. Thank you Akky-san. It was quite a debut, wasn’t it? And yes, RSS is a must for news updates. We’ll work on it.

    1. Tomo, It seems that the release is the first English release on your company website. If you provide RSS feed for English release as well, that will be great.

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