This me Lets You Create A Social Profile Page In 5 Minutes

Generally speaking, social profile editors are a dime a dozen. In the last few months, for example,, or Follr have cropped up in the US, allowing users to pull information from various social networks together to build a single online identity.
But none of these services have a Japanese UI or integrate Japanese sites, prompting Tokyo-based Clutch to come up with This me, a free service that is supposed to let users create a “cool social profile page in 5 minutes”.
The way it works is pretty similar to the US-based editors mentioned above: just choose a username/personalized URL, select a design, upload pictures, connect with your existing social network profiles and blogs, and you’re done.
This is how the social profile of Clutch CEO Yuji Nakanishi looks (here‘s mine):

What’s interesting here (apart from the Japanese-only UI) is that This me makes it possible to integrate Mixi profiles, something that the US counterparts can’t offer. Clutch says that they plan to integrate GREE profiles in the next months, in addition to YouTube, Flickr and others.
The company expects to have 100,000 users for This me by year-end. It competes with similar local profile editors like Nifty’s or Iddy.
Via Venture Now

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